your body

It's time for Positive Movement. 


your brain is

It's time for Yoga. 

An empowering, inclusive yoga community that doesn't want you to perform or squish yourself into yet another mould but supports and encourages you to be more you.


But you feel out of place. You don't feel good enough. You don't own harem pants. You seriously want to practise yoga but you don't want it all to be so serious. 

& everything feels so 

frustrating & overwhelming. 

& everything feels 

frustrating &

"Perfect cues, creative poses and handy visualisations... Thanks Georgina!"

"Brilliant, outstanding, welcoming"

"It was perfect."

Let's make it happen.

let's go, babe!

online classes

Perfect for those working from home or with busy schedules, online classes bring yoga to you, wherever you are, whether you're in London or beyond. You can join live and be under a watchful eye or access the recordings for complete flexibility. 

roll out your mat

Extended Practices

Dive deeper into your yoga practise with longer sessions on the mat. Connect with the community in person and experience the power of hands-on assists and longer savasanas. 

dive deep

public classes

Open to all Londoners and those visiting. Dip your toes in to the practise with all equipment provided to you. Working with MoreYoga allows you accessibly priced practises around East & North London.  

come say hi


For the ultimate reset and getaway, retreats offer a peak Positive Movement experience. Take a break from the daily grind, breathe some fresh air and new life into yourself on a transformative yoga journey in beautiful locations with epic people and most importantly, delicious food ;)

(re)treat yourself

Let's blow this joint! 

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(Re)treat yourself

It's time to shake-up the routine and give yourself a holiday - You deserve it.

vacay time!

to your life.


(& we aren't just talking about standing on one leg! though we do that too..)

Positive Movement

is about bringing

Positive Movement is the antidote to everyone (& the voice in your head) telling you who you are or aren't or not enough of, both on and off the mat. 

Whether it's through slower, grounded yin or strengthening, energising power/mandala yang practises. Choose your positive movement today & tend to your body, mind and spirit. 

Cityslickers, over-thinkers, burn-out queens and those afraid-to-be-seen -

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more love

client love

Thanks Georgina!

revitalised, relaxed and reset.

Georgina is a fantastic yoga teacher. I always come out feeling

I always feel welcome when I arrive and much better when I leave."

"I really love Georgina’s classes. They are fun and challenging with great respect for everyone’s abilities and how they may be feeling on the day.

"The atmosphere was lovely and the flow was well balanced

with a good amount of challenging positions. I also loved all of the adjustments"

"I always look forward to your classes.

They have the right balance in support and challenge. Never a dull moment and I always leave feeling refreshed, thank you so much! Also I appreciate how inclusive your classes feel, a natural teacher 🤍"

Pack your bags, it's retreat time! Come, do yoga, eat great food, hang out, unwind. 

How to start your positive movement?


Grab a mat & book an online class (first one's on me!) or come to a class in London if you're around! 


Delve deeper at an extended practise event & meet some of the cool community IRL. 


 No worries, head on over to the contact page and drop me a line - I don't bite 🙂

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