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Frequently Asked

Can I practice online yoga if I'm a beginner or have limited flexibility?

Absolutely! You can practise both on and offline and there will always be options and postural variations offered to accommodate you in your practise.

Online yoga offers a little more privacy for you if that makes you feel more comfortable to roll out the mat; it's only the teacher that will be keeping an eye on you. And remember, always only take what you need and can from any yoga practise, part of the journey is knowing your boundaries, not comparing and most importantly not hating on yourself!

Nothing to prove, only to practise. 


What equipment do I need for online yoga at home? 

 For online yoga at home, you typically only need a yoga mat and clothes you can move in and don't mind getting sweaty (for yin you can get cosier clothes!).

In some practises you might need props like blocks, straps and bolsters but you can sub in things like big books, belts & pillows if you don't have them. The equipment I recommend can be found here:

Block & strap


How do I prepare for yoga practise?

To prepare for your yoga class, wear comfortable clothing for yoga that you don't mind getting sweaty (something like gym gear), grab some water & get your yoga mat and any props or alternatives ready, and arrive at least few minutes early to settle in.

Always inform your teacher of any medical conditions or injuries to ensure a safe and nourishing practice. Practising yoga on a full stomach is not recommended but if you are hungry some nuts, dates or a banana are a nice energy boost without being too heavy. 


Am I too old/young for yoga? 

Yoga is suitable for all ages though the Positive Movement age minimum is 18 simply for insurance purposes.

It's always essential to choose a yoga style that matches your needs and intentions, check out the style descriptions to see what Positive Movement offers. As we go through life, there will be a yoga practise that is best for you.

Remember, harder isn't always better! Yin yoga is just as beneficial as yang styles, allow your practise to meet you where you are today. As always, consult with a healthcare professional before pracitising if you have any concerns.


How often should I practice Yoga?

The frequency of your yoga practice depends on you. Given the different styles of yoga, it isn't unsafe to practise daily but you should consider what is sustainable for you & schedule, this shouldn't be another thing for you to stress over!

 If you are new to practise or recovering from injury or illness, you may need to adapt your yoga practise schedule to suit your general-wellbeing. As is life, things ebb & flow. As always, consult with a healthcare professional before pracitising if you have any concerns.


Can I practice yoga if I'm pregnant? 

Before beginning yoga while pregnant, consult with your doctor or healthcare professional for guidance. If you're new to yoga, it's generally best to wait until after the first three months of pregnancy, as your body isn't accustomed to it.

However, if you're already a regular practitioner, you can continue your practice with some precautions; Avoid poses that involve twists and intense core work.Please note, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, your body produces hormones like relaxin, which increases flexibility, particularly in the hips and pelvis. Therefore, it's crucial to focus on joint stability to prevent overstretching and maintain safety during your practice.

At Positive Movement we do not offer pregnancy specific classes but for those already established in their practise and signed off by their doctor, we are pregnancy informed and can offer modifications for you. 


Can yoga help my medical condition?

Whilst the benefits of yoga are plentiful, providing relief for issues like stress, anxiety, back pain, and can be a complementary approach to managing certain medical conditions, it is always essential that you consult a healthcare professional before using yoga as a treatment for specific medical conditions.


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