heaps of heart, soul and humour. 

Her teaching style is assertive and [she is] always encouraging you to listen within (did I mention she has an incredible voice?). She often reminds me that rest and play are just as important as "doing mode"'

"The yoga world struck gold in Georgina 🌟

She is an incredible teacher because she genuinely brings so much to the mat every single class; 

What do you look for in a yoga teacher?

imperfect, human & honest.

This thought had never crossed my mind, I didn't care who led class because they were all the same to me, until the day I found the one.

Grounded, strong, clear, fun, energetic, well-balanced practises with good music.
(all qualities I've inherited I must add ;)) 

But more than all that,

didn't feel

Because if I'm not performing, then you won't feel you have to either.


I wasn't good enough, I didn't look or talk a certain way, I was too loud, too scared, too ashamed to try. Hell, once I was even told I didn't lie enough. Imagine that, too honest. 

From that day I was hooked, I became a dedicated student of hers because for that hour, I felt safe, I wasn't putting on a persona, or painfully nervous or embarrassed. She was human and it allowed me to be too. 

And that's the reason I do things the way I do them & that's the feedback that I feel honoured and grateful to received from my students too. 




where I didn't feel

I'd been in enough

classes &

classes & studios,



where I



You & I know the benefits of yoga. Through my practise I have & continue to strengthen & heal the connections between my breath, my body, my mind, my community, my faith, my family, the world around me & the present moment. 

But at this juncture in my journey, through the lessons over the years, I realise I'm practising to connect to me, the truest version of myself.

Re-connecting to the me before before the influence of bullies, media, hormones, trauma, before the doubts crept in, before the echoes that I was both too much & not enough.

Before yoga & even in the early years of practise I believed this version of me didn't exist yet & I was building her, trying to get to her though she always seemed just out of reach. 

What I've come to realise now through the practise of yoga is that I'm not creating anew but re-connecting. 

Yes there are many benefits but my practise, both on & off the mat, serve as a 

The version of me my parents fondly dubbed Captain Dangerous who would boldly jump in with both feet & a sense of fun, a truly authentic spirit that embraced life, learning, people, & most importantly herself with courage, vitality & love.

journey to her:


YOGAMU | 100 hrs Foundations of Meditation
YOGA PEOPLE | 20 Hours Mandala Vinyasa
MOREYOGA | 50 hours Svadhyaya Teacher Training Power Yoga
DYLAN AYALOO TRAINING | 200 hr Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training + 30hr Hands on Assist

tell me more

fun facts

Born & raised Londoner, I arrived here on the 12th April which makes me an Aries babbyyy. (I'm also Libra rising, bringing in more balance and love add on top a Scorpio moon for that depth and intrigue in to things)

I prefer watching series over films & even more I love rewatching my comfort programmes like Peep Show, Broad City, Schitt's Creek, Big Mouth, Archer, Midnight Gospel & Previously on the Screviously (IYKYK).

I've been a sales-person on a beauty counter, briefly a sexual health advisor, a barrister's clerk, a model agent, an english teacher and in 2019, took the next step on that classic career ladder, a yoga teacher!

Quarter Greek and refining my Greek skills on Duo-lingo - If I could have any superpower, it would be to speak every language! Communication is key 🙂

Don't be fooled by the straight line - my journey had it's ups and downs too!

My story

Aka: How I got here

Dropped out of 6th Form (Depressed)


Finished college but didn't go to Uni because I was terrified of everything and losing my boyfriend. Got an apprenticeship. (Functionally Depressed)


Ditched the boyfriend (woo!) started to realise I hated my corporate job but thought I had no options but to stick it out because of the no Uni thing. (Developed Orthorexia, sank into depression everytime I came back from a holiday, didn't think I was depressed)


Quit the job, lived in Newquay for the summer! Started again as a 25 year old Fashion Week intern. Started trying yoga (secretly in my room) because it's super sexy to do the splits, right? 




We don't talk about 2020 😅 I started online classes but as such a green teacher I started teaching English online to supplement my income - Met incredible people from all over the world, some who are my friends to this day! 


I'm a model agent crying every lunch break wondering when my dream life was going to knock on my door. Spending all my money on clothes & nights out to make me happy. (The gym and the studio are my only really happy place)


Started to realise that my dream life & job was not located in an office & no one was coming to give it to me. Met the first yoga teacher I ever really resonated with - Game. Changer. 


Quit my job and did my 200 YTT in sunny, spiritual Clapton, London.


back to start

Easing back into studios and gyms, rebuilding my class schedule from the ground up. (Also worked briefly as a temp receptionist to help support myself & remembered why I quit the office life, lol)


Back to full-time teaching. I can't remember a lot 🥴 except I realised I needed to give myself a day off a week and I took my first holiday since 2019 (3 days in Edinburgh were epic!)


Took an Indian Head Massage course, realised I was sick and burnt-out and had to stop "hustling" & taking courses. I promised myself to just ride the wave & trust I was in a good place career-wise, it was time to practise what I preach and look after myself. My New Year's Resolutions were to take 3 holidays (Greece, Ghana, New Zealand ✅), start therapy 
✅, & weave in another weekly day-off ✅. I also started a Yin teacher training, oops 😛.


how i give back

it is definitely evident that everyone in the class is enjoying themselves too! She’s always got a smile on her face and a warm welcome for all her students…

I always leave the class feeling like I’ve achieved a new goal!"

"Georgina is the most welcoming yoga teacher who makes everyone in the class feel comfortable -

I would describe your classes as super energetic, elegantly sequenced with clear instructions to ease in beginners and inspire more confident students to be curious about developing their practice. I’m not good at words stuff but I wanted to express some gratitude towards your awesome teaching!

my favourite classes by far ♥️.... 

Let's make it happen.

let's go, babe!

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