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Being extraordinarily flexible is not necessary, you don't need to perform a posture in order to practise it. Strength and openness are typically a by-product of the practise, not the pre-requisite. 

Yoga is far more than a physical practise.

Objections to Yoga will come and go, but the benefits will always remain.

Before you go any further, remember the following: 




Where yang is like climbing a mountain, Yin is like floating down a river. You're still going somewhere but it's a lot less effort. No less powerful though as we work with the deeper tissues such as joints, fascia and ligaments. Depth in these practises come from stillness and time spent in the postures, usually between 2 - 6 minutes.

Power Vinyasa

With a lineage comprised of Hot Power, Vinyasa & Forrest, these aren't your typical one-breath one-move flows. Excluding sun-salutations, postures are held for on average 5 breaths allowing for a deeper understanding, introspection, resilience and practise of boundaries and acceptance. 

Mandala Vinyasa

Mandala threads the aforementioned Power Vinyasa with Yin & Elemental Shamanism. All that means is that each day & practise is inspired by the wisdom of the elements which connects to a chakra and area of the body to focus on β€”fire (Manipura/ twists & glutes), earth (Muladhara/hamstrings), air (Anahata/ backbends), and water (Svadisthana/ adductors). 

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